1) Assessment: If they have filled in an assessment, they are already in the system. In the AVIX Connect Dashboard click “Organizations List”. From there, you can search for a specific customer in the search bar. Once you find the customer, click on the customer. A new page will open up and show who is entered into the system under the company.

2) Adding a new customer: If they are not registered yet, you can add a customer manually. First, click ”Organizations List” in the AVIX Connect Dashboard. Find the company the new user works for, or create one by clicking the plus sign seen when hovering over the parent company and filling in the company’s details. When opening the user’s company by clicking it, you will find a screen with all the company’s current users. Press “Add user” and fill in their details to add a user. You can also use this option when adding multiple users to the same company.

3) Customers create their own account:
The customer can also set-up their own account on https://connect.avix.com/sign-up. Note that this way, the user will be assigned to Bird Control Group, and not to the reseller account. The customer will be able to use AVIX Connect, but you will not be able to change their settings for them.