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Frequently asked questions about AVIX Connect & AVIX Academy2021-01-28T07:05:31+00:00

Frequently asked questions about AVIX Connect & AVIX Academy

What is AVIX Connect, and how does it benefit me as a Bird Control Group reseller?2021-01-26T10:32:04+00:00

AVIX Connect is an application that is used to program the AVIX Autonomic II laser system. It is also used by our resellers to create site assessments for their customers. AVIX Connect site assessments are used by both the customer and reseller to assess each site and map out the location(s) for each laser installation so they are effective and safe. We recommend customers to use the AVIX Connect application on their mobile devices (IOS and Google Play Store), as it has been optimized for use on these platforms. Almost all functions can be used in the web application, except updating your AVIX Autonomic Mark II via Bluetooth.

How do I make proposals for the same client but at multiple locations?2021-01-26T10:32:16+00:00

When making a new assessment in AVIX Connect, you need to provide a unique email address that has not been used before. When you do want to use an existing email address again, you can add a plus sign (+) and a suffix of your choice. For example, using “” and “” will result in system messages going to “” at all times. The user will have to log in with two separate sets of credentials, including possible prefixes.

I’ve sold a laser… How do I set the client up in AVIX connect?2021-01-26T10:31:28+00:00

1) Assessment: If they have filled in an assessment, they are already in the system. In the AVIX Connect Dashboard click “Organizations List”. From there, you can search for a specific customer in the search bar. Once you find the customer, click on the customer. A new page will open up and show who is entered into the system under the company.

2) Adding a new customer: If they are not registered yet, you can add a customer manually. First, click ”Organizations List” in the AVIX Connect Dashboard. Find the company the new user works for, or create one by clicking the plus sign seen when hovering over the parent company and filling in the company’s details. When opening the user’s company by clicking it, you will find a screen with all the company’s current users. Press “Add user” and fill in their details to add a user. You can also use this option when adding multiple users to the same company.

3) Customers create their own account:
The customer can also set-up their own account on Note that this way, the user will be assigned to Bird Control Group, and not to the reseller account. The customer will be able to use AVIX Connect, but you will not be able to change their settings for them.

Where do I find the AVIX Connect App?2021-01-26T10:30:39+00:00

You can find the AVIX Connect App in both the IOS App Store and the Google Play store.

What is the AVIX Academy?2021-01-26T10:30:14+00:00

The AVIX Academy is the Bird Control Group e-learning platform. As a reseller, you will get your own AVIX Academy environment where you can manually assign courses to customers. It is also possible to send them your custom link, where they can sign up and follow courses. Customers can train to safely work with the AVIX laser systems.

Which courses are offered in AVIX Academy?2021-01-26T10:29:53+00:00
  • AVIX Laser Operator course: This is a general laser safety course that is useful for everyone who uses the AVIX laser systems.
  • AVIX Service Provider course: This course is for resellers that will be involved in the pre-sales assessment on the customer location with a bird problem.
  • AVIX Solution Adviser course: This course is for resellers and gives detailed information on how to advise customers about the use of our products.
  • Installing and Configuring the AVIX Autonomic Mark II course: This course is for installers and is about the installation and configuration of our automated laser systems.
Once my clients have signed up for AVIX Academy and completed their first course, how do I open up additional courses?2021-01-26T10:29:14+00:00

If you are the administrator of your AVIX Connect branch, you can assign courses to users yourself. From the home dashboard of the platform, click “users” and find the user in question. If you click on “courses”, you can assign courses to the user by pressing the plus sign (+) you see when hovering over a course name.
If you are not the administrator of your AVIX Connect branch, please contact, and provide them with a list of email addresses of users and the course(s) they need to be assigned to. Your request will be handled within 24 hours on regular working days.

Do my clients use the same log-in that they use with AVIX Academy for AVIX Connect?2021-01-26T10:28:46+00:00

No, AVIX Connect and AVIX Academy are two separate platforms that require separate login credentials.

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