About AVIX

AVIX offers long term bird control solutions for large scale bird problems in different applications by a unique combination of technology, supporting services and professional trainings for the customers and partners. AVIX solutions demonstrate immediate positive results with a fast return on investment, making it profitable for both the customer and the involved AVIX partners.

Our vision

To take bird control to the next level

Our mission

To own the customers bird problems with our interactive technology, support services and professional certified trainings.

Conventional bird control techniques are not always effective, cost-efficient or correctly implemented. As a result many companies are now paying for the consequences of not being able to repel birds. AVIX strives to bend those costs into savings, that will benefit our customers and AVIX partners.

AVIX is powered by Bird Control Group.

Our goals

Team work

We work as a team with our partners to ensure the success of each project, because each individual success is in the best interests of us, our partners and customers.

Sustainable solutions

We are committed to deliver long term results.

Positive impact

We aim to provide solutions which have a positive environmental impact.

Safety comes first

Due to the nature of our technology and the environments in which we operate, we prioritize safety above everything.